Arsee’s tales 66

“There was a time when people used to line up for your advice, i don’t see anyone now?” she asked her teacher.

“When i gave advice i wasn’t wise. When i turned wise, i stopped giving advice.” the teacher answered with a grin.

“Can you please elaborate?” she knew something astute was coming her way.

The teacher shook his head, “When i grew wise i realized, people ask for advice but never follow it. In the end people do what they want. The only advice they follow is a teacher called experience. Experience is the biggest and only teacher.

– Arsee.

10 thoughts on “Arsee’s tales 66

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    My Featured Blogger this week is Riddhi Chitalia, who goes by the byname of “Arsee” (get it?). Indian-born blogger Arsee describes herself as “a Jane Austen girl in a Christopher Nolan world. hufflepuff. writer. storyteller. seeker. loner. nomad with no destination.” It’s easy to gather that she’s poet, as well (and a good one, too). But Arsee posts all-too infrequently. Let’s see if we can inspire her to show up again soon!

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  2. The only advice a student seeks is that which confirms what they already think. The only advice they follow is that which they come up with themselves. The only thing a wise person can do is this: Instead of giving the student the answer, ask questions that allow the student to come up with the best answer. The wise person is the master of asking pointed questions that guide the student to the best conclusions. Because the student comes up with the best answer himself, he will most certainly follow his own advice.

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