Arsee’s tale 11

“We used to be the best of friends but not anymore.” he confided sadly.

“Why is that?” she asked.

“I don’t know, just lost touch i suppose.” he assumed.

“It’s not about being in touch, it’s about memories.” she said with a smile.

“A friendship cannot work on old memories forever. Friendship need new memories all the time.”

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tale 10

“She dumped me dad.” he confessed.

“Why?” his father inquired worried.

“She said I am classless cause I am poor.”

The father grinned and put an arm around him.

“Remember son, class is never about money, it’s about behaviour and talent.”

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tale 9

It was her first date, first kiss.

“How did it go?” asked her friend grinning.

“It was nothing like the books we read. No stars exploded… I don’t know if it worked.” she replied worried.

“You want to do it again?” the friend posed.

She nodded quickly.

“Then it worked.” the friend giggled.

“We only care to repeat joyful experiences.”

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tale 8

“I don’t want to study anymore!” she finally told her Principal.

“Don’t!” he responded with a smile.

“Don’t?” she had never expected him to say that.

“For all those who know what’s good for you, how come they don’t know what’s good for themselves?” he posed.

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tale 7

She saw the sex workers on the street as they drove past in the car.

“Have you ever been to a prostitute?” she turned to ask him, teasing.

“I have never paid for sex!” he answered being boastful.

“That’s a lie. We all do!” she giggled and poked him in the ribs.

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tale 6

“Aren’t things going to be worse in your village?” she asked the migrant worker.

“At least we will be with our family.” the worker responded.

“How will that help?” she persisted.

The worker smiled. “We spend our lives alone, we don’t have to die alone.”

– Arsee.