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Arsee’s short stories 102 True Friendship

If it were not for Ray, Mo would have never gotten through school.  In the second grade Ray taught him to add and subtract numbers, in ninth grade calculus and whole lot of other stuff in the interim. Mo dropped out of school in the tenth grade to help his father at the car repair garage. Ray marched on in life.

Literature beckoned Ray and he decided to become a writer. Mo in the meanwhile serviced cars and made a meager living. Ray and Mo never lost touch; they continued to remain the best of friends. It was clear to the both of them that Mo would spend his life in the mundane, the drudgery of plebian existence, see less money and a boring life while Ray would touch the skies with his talent.

There was another aspect to their relationship, money. Mo was always out of money and Ray was always there for him. It started with some cash here and there but as Ray became richer Mo’s needs became greater. He always needed money and Ray never refused him.

Mo’s marriage, mortgage of his house, medial bills, school fees for Mo’s children, Ray paid for everything. But through the years Mo’s borrowing habit did not go down well with Ray’s family.

Ray’s wife began her protest soon after they got married and soon his children joined in to raise their objection to this, “Pile on” friend. Ray would listen to no one. He would not let anything or anyone come in the way of his friendship but Mo was not welcome in Ray’s house. The family did not want to have anything to do with a man who continuously exploited a good friend.

As the years went by Ray saw the pinnacle of success with his books, bestsellers and literary awards and then came a time when the ideas began to dry up and the publisher’s began to run away. Ray turned depressive and uncommunicative.
Then one day Mo came to see Ray again, he needed more money. This time it was for his wife’s medical treatment. After being there for Mo his entire life Ray had to finally hold his hands up, “I would give you, had I the money but it is drying Mo. It has been hard for me the past year. Just living on old royalties.”

Mo was saddened by what he heard; “You mean you never saved any money for yourself?” Mo asked concerned. Ray shook his head, “I always thought the ideas would keep pouring in but they have stopped. I have become irrelevant. My stories are not interesting anymore.”

Mo stood up, walked to Ray and placed a key on the coffee table. “What is this key?” Ray frowned.

Mo took a deep breath, “I knew you were brilliant from the first day I met you in school but I also knew that brilliant people often forgot that brilliance does not last forever. If I had told you this fact of life earlier, you have never believed me so I did what a friend should. Every penny I borrowed from you I saved in industrial bonds in your name. That key is to the locker where the bonds lie. You own four and a half million in bonds, you are a rich man my friend. Thank you for teaching me calculus!”

Ray stood up slowly and holding his childhood friend sobbed like a child.


4 thoughts on “Arsee’s short stories 102 True Friendship

  1. I’ve liked this one the most. True friendship has become a rare commodity…. and when you have it don’t let anyone take it away. Truly outstanding ❤

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