Arsee’s tales 45

“He is not what he used to be. plus the alcohol and the domestic violence, i wonder why i take this!” she asked her father in deep despair.

“You should leave him. You have a right to walk out of toxic relationship.” her father counselled.

She wiped her tears and asked her father, “What makes people live in toxic relationships dad?”

The father smiled, “The hope that those happy memories which brought you together will replay themselves. But they never do. You have a choice, wait for the past to replay or build a new future.”

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tales 44

“A friend of mine has been appointed CEO, i think our problems will end soon.” he told her, filled with renewed hope.

Oddly, she did not share his enthusiasm.

“You remember in school when the teacher was not around, she would appoint one of us as the monitor of the class?” she asked.

He nodded, wondering where this was going.

“As soon as our friend became a monitor, he would cease being a friend and lookout for who he could discipline.”

She did not explain further but he knew what she meant.

New power changes old friends.

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tales 43

“Sometimes i wonder, what if there is no heaven?” the disciple asked his teacher.

“That is possible.” answered the teacher.

The disciple was taken aback, “You mean i can spend my life being honest and righteous. While the scoundrels, lie, cheat and make profit? And i don’t even get heaven? That is not fair”

The teacher sighed, then said, “If you are honest and righteous for a place in heaven you would still be a cheat and the biggest profiteer of all.”

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tales 42

“So i had a heartbreak, so what? I am ready for a relationship now!” he said trying to convince her to be with him.

“I worry about the broken heart.” she responded thoughtfully.

“I don’t understand why my broken heart worries you!” he threw his hands up exasperated.

She made one last attempt to make him understand, “A broken heart needs to heal because broken heart is dangerous. A broken heart will only break more hearts. That is the nature of a broken heart.”

She could see he did not understand.

That was another problem with a broken heart.

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tales 41

They had been treating Covid patients 24 hours straight.

Exhausted, the two doctors sat on the hospital steps.

“Why do you think this happened to us? You think God wanted to tell us that we are not invincible?” one doctor asked her colleague.

The colleague took a moment and then answered in a low voice, “No, he wanted to tell us that we are all connected. Not separate like we think. He wanted to tell us that if somewhere in the world there is pain, sooner or later it will come to us.”

Then both of them grew quite. Very quiet.

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tales 40

“How will i know if it is love?” the teenage girl asked her mother.

The mother smiled lovingly, “Real love is the death of the ego.” she responded.

That was perhaps bit much for the young girl.

“What does that mean mom?!” she inquired puzzled.

The mother laughed and said, “There will be a time when another person will be more important to you than you are to yourself. When you find that person, don’t let him go.”

The young lady smiled for this was something she could remember.

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tales 39

She had no one to talk to so she dialed her school teacher, “I am miserable. Everything i touch fails. I am just a failure.” she cried.

The teacher admonished her, “You can’t be a failure, you can only fail, that is the right way of saying it!”

The student sighed, “Can you please not correct my English today Sir!”

The teacher laughed, “You idiot, what i am saying is , failure is not a person, it’s an event. How can you be an event? And let me tell you a secret, the only way to success is to fail your way to success!”

The student began to cry with gratitude.

– Arsee.

On the occasion of Guru Purnima i thank everyone who spared the time to teach me.


Arsee’s tales 38

“You killed her! You killed my daughter!” the father screamed at the dead girl’s husband.

A relative led the grieving father away before it could get worse.

The friend of the husband turned to him, “That’s not fair to you. She died of cancer. Why is he blaming you?”

The husband smiled through his tears, “That’s all right Fred, such is the nature of grief. It needs someone to hate, to blame. God and destiny don’t care if you hate them, so grief needs to hate someone who can feel its hate.”

The husband wiped his tears and headed to pay the hospital bills.

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tales 37

“Hey, i am going to Earth. Any advice?” the young soul asked the guide.

“Stay away from wine, spicy food, drugs and smoking….” before the guide could finish the young soul cut in,

“What? That’s ridiculous! Why go to Earth and miss out on these things?”

The guide straightened his long white beard and said, “Let me tell you a secret, on Earth all bad times will come in the disguise of good times. Why else would you allow them to enter your life?”

The young soul fell silent in thought but the guide knew he would forget this secret on Earth.”

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tales 36

“How can you bear these trolls on social media?” the young actress asked the senior one.

“They are so hurtful, rude and hateful.” she cried.

The older one smiled, “It does not bother me.” she said.

“How can it not bother you.” the younger one pressed on.

The older actress answered with a certain calm, “I understand the trollers for what they are…. but i am forgive them for what i am.”

The older actress knew the younger one would take a while to understand.

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tales 35

“If you are so miserable call her!” his mother scolded him.

The son shook his head, “She is my girlfriend. She should know when i need her!”

His mother laughed, “You remember when you were little and you would run up to me and shout you were hungry?”

The young man nodded.

“I am your mother. I should have known when you were hungry? But even a mother sometimes needs to be told that her child is hungry. Don’t step back from asking for love. Want it? Ask her to give it!”

He was thanks to his mother that he married his girlfriend in the fall.

– Arsee.


Arsee’s tales 34

“And how are you going to achieve power?” the mentor asked the budding politician.

“Love. I will spread the message of love.” said the young leader.

The mentor laughed heartily.

“Why do you laugh?” the young man asked his mentor feeling slighted.

The mentor patted him on the back, “Love does nothing. If you want to lead, bind the people with hate. Nothing brings people together more than hatred that they can feel for something or someone in common.”

The young leader wondered if that was too high a price to pay for power.

– Arsee.