Arsee’s tales 29

“If i turn on my office mates i won’t have a friend in my office and if i don’t it won’t be fair on that girl who was victimized. What do i do?” he asked her.

“What is the truth” she countered.

“The truth is that the girl was good and they sidelined her.” he admitted.

She handed him a plateful of pasta and said, “Remember my love, honesty is always a lonely road.”

He chewed on his food and thanked God for her.

Honesty is always a lonely road, he said to himself and nodded.

– Arsee.

4 thoughts on “Arsee’s tales 29

  1. This should assure people like him to believe in themselves and stand with the truth bcs the crowd being sided with one thing doesn’t mean they are right … such a lovely message and thank you so much! 🙈💝🌟

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