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Vol 2 Arsee’s short stories 5 Revenge

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Rahul had often wondered what that meant till it became imperative for him to think things through with a calm calculated mind to bring matters to the end he desired.

The first thing he needed to do was to hire a detective and pretend to want to find out something that he had already found out. The choice of the detective was very important. He had to be good at his job but someone who could not be trusted in the end. He had to be someone who could spill the beans when push came to shove.

Rahul found the kind that he was looking for in Dinesh Karmakar. He had a dingy office somewhere in the back roads of the suburb. On the face of it he looked the same as the others but he noticed that Karmakar had a dog that he kept tied up in office. Any man who kept his dog tied up and who preferred the comfort of his clients to the freedom of his dog was the kind of man who would buckle under pressure easily. Rahul hired Dinesh Karmakar and wrote him a cheque for the complete job even before he had started the job.

Now, for the next part of the plan!Rahul came home from office and sat alone in his study, he looked pensive, forlorn even. His wife, Sheetal came in and asked him if something was the matter but Rahul brushed it aside.
“I have to go to Delhi tomorrow, to meet my Lawyers,” he informed Sheetal.
Sheetal frowned, “Rahul its Sunday tomorrow! We have to go to brunch with Karan and Siya. You are surely not going to meet lawyers on a Sunday! You can easily go on Monday morning if you want.”
Rahul did not want to argue. He nodded his agreement.
Sheetal was thankful that Rahul had decided to be in a better mood at brunch and not his usual sullen self, sticking to the corner of the room as he usually did.

It was after lunch and before dessert, Rahul and Karan stepped out of the restaurant for a smoke. Rahul and Karan had been friends for long and Rahul had always found it easy to confide in Karan.
“I am going to Delhi tomorrow, to meet my lawyers,” he told Karan, his tone did seem conspiratorial.
“Delhi? You got lawyers in Mumbai too, you know?” Karan rebuked with a grin.
Rahul smiled but stayed thoughtful, “I need to get Sheetal out of my will. I want to give it away, everything, to a trust.”
Karan seemed to be taken aback by this confession but he preferred to remain quiet and let Rahul do the talking. Rahul decided to stay quiet as well. There was nothing to more to say.

Late on Sunday night as Sheetal slept, Rahul woke up and went out to his car. He had bought prawns earlier in the evening and left them in the car. He was allergic to prawns but he had to eat a few.

Sheetal woke up to find Rahul vomiting his guts out in the toilet. He was in no shape to catch the flight and go to Delhi. The meeting with the lawyer had to be cancelled.

Rahul crawled into bed and asked Sheetal to call the lawyer and inform him that he could not make it.

He listened with all his senses alert as Sheetal called the lawyer. As she finished he smiled and decided to take the rest of the day off. He needed to sleep and flush the damn prawns out of his system.

The next part of the plan needed him to get better and go about his life as usual. Rahul did that with ease.

Now for the last piece of the plan!
Rahul took a cab to the address that he gotten from his builder friend who in turn had used an outside “agency” to get a “job’ done. It was a dingy restaurant in the seedy side of town. Even at the odd hour of the night the streets were crowded with shops that bled onto the road and hookers who kept a frightened eye on a pimp and a glad eye on the customers were all around.
“Light of Shera”, the restaurant called itself.
He sat himself down on the table that he was advised to sit on. Fifteen minutes later the owner of the establishment sat down in front of him.
“I need to get someone murdered,” Rahul said very nonchalantly.
“We need a picture,” the owner responded with an equal degree of casualness.
Rahul nodded.

Two days later Rahul asked Sheetal to drop a package off for him at a suburban hotel. He would have done it himself but unfortunately he had back-to-back meetings. Would she please oblige?

Sheetal said she would do it.
Rahul put together a sizeable number of money bundles and then a picture into a brown paper bag. He then taped the bag over and over again.

Then, he went to Sheetal and gave the package to her with a smile and a kiss. Sheetal kissed him back but it was a routine kiss that lacked any affection, Rahul did not care.

He stepped out and called Dinesh Karmakar, “Make sure you follow my wife today from the moment she leaves the house and get pictures of her with everyone she meets.”
Dinesh did not think that was going to be tough thing to do.
Sheetal met the man that her husband had asked her to meet in the lobby of the hotel. She had no idea that the man owned a restaurant by the name of, “Light of Shera”

When Karmakar called to tell him that he had all the pictures of his wife’s day out Rahul smiled and allowed himself to make a drink. It was done. Everything was in place.

Five days later when Rahul stepped out of his office a car without any number plate screeched to a stop in front of him.

Two men pointed country made pistols at him and opened fire.
Rahul took most of the bullets from the volley directed at him.
The men sat back in the car within a flash of a second and the car sped away.

As Rahul fell to the ground he had an image of Karan and Sheetal in bed together. It had burned into his soul from the very moment he had walked in early from his business trip and seen them from the crack in the door.

Now all that was needed was for a clever investigative mind to piece the evidence that he had planeted together. It would be easy. He let himself into his death. Sweet, sweet death. Sweet, sweet revenge.


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