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Arsee’s short stories 77

“Her Majesty wishes to see you immediately.” the messenger informed William Shakespeare, who was rather hungover from wine and a great reception to his play, Romeo and Juliet.

He nodded his acceptance, promising to be there within the hour.

Her Majesty sat with the warden of the prison and a man dressed in clothes William had never seen before. “William, this man says he has come from the future and has an odd request for you.” the Queen looked extremely amused. William turned to the man and smiled, “For me Sir? How could I help the future?”

The man with the strange apparel spoke with immense concern, “Mr. Shakespeare, I am employed by the Oxford dictionary and we are facing a crisis of extraordinary proportions. Let me also say that in the future you are one of the most celebrated figures in English literature.” William laughed out aloud and the Queen grinned. “Please tell me about the crisis then?” William said amused by the scene.

The Oxford man cleared his throat, “Time travel has thrown the tenses out of the window and English language is in grave danger!” William nodded, signaling him to go on. “You see I have had lunch in the future and come to see you and saying a simple thing like that can be a problem.” the man explained. William was getting drawn in slowly, “What kind of a problem?” he questioned.

The man took a deep breath, “You see I have had lunch but then the future has not really come so I am still to have lunch. So how do I say that I have had lunch, that I have not had, yet had before I traveled to meet you and this is not the past tense of the present but the past tense of the future?”

“Hmmm, I understand.” said William thoughtfully. The Queen thought it best to concentrate on her tea. “So there is a past, present and future in the past, a past present and future in the present and a past, present and future in the future, would that be right?” William posed, catching on.

“Precisely!” exclaimed the Oxford man.

“How about I will hading lunch beforrow I camome to see you?” William proposed.

“Delightful! Now you know why I came to you Mr.Shakespeare!” the man said joyously.

“You mean now I knowno why you camome to me?” laughed William


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