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Arsee’s little stories 60

The chief of homicide had no clue how he had hurt himself on his right toe. The tear in the shoe perhaps. He took a deep breath, all this could wait. He had a murder to solve. The murder of one collage girl had soon spiralled into a serial murder investigation. The press was making it the headline news everyday and the home office had been breathing down his neck.

To add, he had not been able to sleep well since the murders began and that made him feel sleepy and out of focus. The doctor told him it was the stress. Sure, it was. There was a killer on the loose!

On every night a girl was killed the English professor had been without an alibi. But no way to nail him. He seemed slippery.

It was when he was studying the site of the latest crime scene that he saw a CCTV camera, across the street outside a supermarket. It was a long shot but the only shot.

The CCTV footage was waiting for him on the desk that evening, sealed. Image too dark said a note from the forensics. There was just one streetlight across the street, he had noticed.

He connected the memory stick to his laptop. The image came alive. The murderer staggered out. He had nailed him! The image was dark except a pool of light on the kerb.

The chief sat shocked. What the forensics could not see, he could. The only visible part of the killer was his torn shoe

He was not sleeping and he was not dreaming. He had a life he did not know about…


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