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Arsee’s little stories 55

First the lightening, then a crack of ear splitting thunder. From the tinted glass of my 36th floor office window I could see the dark clouds gather ominously. This one was threatening to be bad and on cue the thunderstorm alarm sounded. I called my daughter, “Where are you?” I inquired. “School is letting us go. Thunderstorm!” she did not sound worried. “Raincoat?” I shot the query. “Yes!” she confirmed above the din. I rang off asking her to come home immediately, grabbed my jacket and dashed home myself.

The roads were a scene of panic, big umbrellas smashing against each other, horns screaming, cars breaking traffic rules! Pandemonium!

I got home a little after my daughter and saw her right arm scorching. She was just careless! I rushed her to the bathroom and poured the anti-sorch on her arm. She seemed unconcerned through all this and with a childlike innocence inquired,“Mom, is it true that it rained water long ago?” I smiled and nodded, gazing at the purple downpour.


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