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Arsee’s little stories 26 First Love

“Why kanha? Why? If all this talk about you being a God is true, if you always knew you had to follow your dharam and go to Mathura, then why did you make me fall in love with you?” Radha sobbed like a baby in a moonlit Vrindavan forest. Krishna held her tight. “You know why Radha? Because in the war that I leave for there is no place for love. Love will weaken me. You were born to break my heart. Your dharam is to break my heart. Break it into small pieces. Shatter it so that I never fall in love again. You my dear Radha will be the only one I will ever love.” She would not let him go. “You lie Kanha, prove it!” Krishna smiled and gave her his flute. “I promise you Radha, I will never play this flute again. Keep it with you. When you look at it after I am gone you will know that there was a kanha only Radha knew.”…


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