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Arsee’s little stories 24

The Doctor looked at the pictures lying on the desk in front of her. This was unbelievable! In her long career in morphogenetics she had never seen something like this. She knew that humans evolved according to their environment. Curly hair, straight hair, taller 100,000 years back and now shorter. The tail disappearing, the jaw and teeth getting smaller but this…? She picked up the phone and called her assistant. “Its the eighteenth case in two months. We have to report to WHO.” The assistant muttered a quick agreement and hung up, equally perturbed . She turned to the pictures again. A new born with six fingers in each hand. Humans had invented the computer keyboard and now the keyboard was demanding a new human.


5 thoughts on “Arsee’s little stories 24

  1. Reminds me of the news a few months back when people were saying that teenagers were growing “horns” on the back of their skulls from too much texting. Yours is an interesting (and better!) story.

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