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Arsee’s little stories 20

The motel was on a windy beach, miles from anywhere and she had the night shift. The work did not bother her, the haunting did. She would closet herself in the motel office but that did not keep the noises out. The howling wind would begin the show, next footsteps and finally a knocking on her office door. This night she had made her mind up to see who it was outside. It had to be done! Her sanity depended on it! Three AM and the wind began to howl, she heard footsteps and then came the knocking. She had only enough courage to see through the keyhole. Her heart banging like a drum as she walked to the door. Bending down she put an eye to the keyhole. Then her heart stopped. Staring at her eye was another eye. Only it did not have an eyeball.


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